We often ask "other" people so many questions & seek other things for answers when we should be asking ourselves more questions.

The most important one of all is "What is your WHY"? 

I decided to leave my 9-5 jobs to start my own business because I wanted to work on my own dreams & assist business owners to free up time. To be able to work from anywhere while doing what I love (traveling, being with those I love most & feeling more freedom). I didn't want to be subjected to time constraints & be under the watch of employers or micromanaged. Life is way too short & I really wanted something where if I were to catch a plane to another country, I could work from my phone & laptop without worrying about asking for leave or permission.

My purpose is to be with my family & create unforgettable memories for life. Most importantly, really have fun and be able to grow constantly in business and life.

What is your why? Are you truly happy? If not then maybe it's time for a CHANGE 😉